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Link Love

On the misunderstood nature of bullying. Depressing, but it rings true to me. India’s forgotten stepwells. These are truly stunning! Why tech nerds aren’t so great at understanding politics. Mindy Kaling’s recent NY Times interview about the books she’s into … Continue reading

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Thing I did: Watson Adventures’ Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt at the Museum of Science

During the fabulous three weeks that my parents were staying with with us over the summer, the four of us (my parents, my husband M. and I) participated in a murder mystery scavenger hunt organized by Watson Adventures at Boston’s Museum … Continue reading

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Book I read — The Power of Habit

I’ve never been much for routines. I like to think of myself as spontaneous and impulsive, always ready to try something new. But since reading Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, I’ve started thinking more seriously about the few habits … Continue reading

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Lazy weekend breakfast — eggs in zucchini nests

A new technique for breakfast today! I got the recipe from the blog I Breathe I’m Hungry, which is a great resource for low-carb cooking. My package of bacon had sadly developed a fungal colony, but I substituted pork sausage … Continue reading

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An incomplete list of books that have stuck with me

A friend on Facebook asked me to do one of those chain games, where you list 10 books that have stuck with you through the years. I said I would, and perhaps someday I will post this list on her … Continue reading

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