Thing I did: Watson Adventures’ Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt at the Museum of Science

During the fabulous three weeks that my parents were staying with with us over the summer, the four of us (my parents, my husband M. and I) participated in a murder mystery scavenger hunt organized by Watson Adventures at Boston’s Museum of Science. Watson Adventures is a company that started in NYC, and organizes mMuseum_of_Science,_Boston,_MA_-_IMG_3150urder mystery games or scavenger hunts in various museums or neighborhoods. This was our first time participating in one of them, and we weren’t really sure what to expect.

Not only had we never done one of these hunts before, we’d never even visited Boston’s Museum of Science before, except to see IMAX films and to see a show at the planetarium. We were afraid this would leave us at a disadvantage, but we needn’t have worried — the game was superbly organized, with maps, clear directions and just challenging enough clues. We raced around the museum in single-minded pursuit of the next clue. As it happens, we needn’t have tried to be so fast — though we were the second team to be done, there were no points for finishing the hunt as quickly as possible (though there were negative points if you took over the time allotted).

The only sour note was at the end, as the organizer had a tough time dealing with the extremely close competition: of the six teams, four finished with a perfect score (including our team) and the remaining two lost just one point. (To me, that indicates that they need to allow less time for the hunt or make the clues somewhat more challenging. ) She tried to conduct a tiebreaker, but the questions were such that no one was able to get the correct answer (The questions were, respectively: 1) What year did the board game Clue come out? and 2) How many unique types of murders are there in Clue?). I did end up writing some negative feedback about the end of the quiz to Watson Adventures, and they wrote me a great response and offered me four free tickets to another hunt! I was impressed by their great customer service and can’t wait to try another one of their events.

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